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Thursday, 1 November 2012

An Halloween Night...mare!

Yesterday I've been on a rush the whole day.....
to be honest I've been on a rush since Monday, with job and preparation for the imminent trip to Lucca Convention.
Thuesday, right after job i run to home to prepare for the night out with my friend, we went to see Rocky Horror Picture show to the local cinema, it was the special Halloween event.
We were all dressed up, and we had the songs lyrics, ready to sing and dance!
That was my outfit

But in the end, we were the only ones dressed up, and nobody was dancing!
But since the music was so loud we singed along and nobody noticed eheheh, us and and an old lady behind us.
It was quite late when we were back home and i had to prepare bag for the day after, cause i was going right after job to see a colleague of mine who is pregnant, with other colleagues (friends), we got lost, we got lot of rain, but we had much fun together, and she is so beautiful! She showed us her home we had never seen and the baby room....OMG so lovely!
After having dinner together i got ready to go to the halloween party with my bf, who was coming to get me, and a couple of friends.
Here some pics of the party!

If you got to here...i want you to know that i am leaving for Lucca convention tomorrow morning and i won't be back until Sunday night, prolly no post until at least Monday.
But if you want some preview of the convention, follow me on INSAGRAM as sidhe_banshee or TWITTER @SidheBanshee

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