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Monday, 29 October 2012

Review: HMHM coat and Loli-Loli paradise shopping service

Couple of days ago, arrived the coat i ordered from Taobao, i was happily surprised to get it after just 15days from shipping and not 30!

Let's start from Loli-Loli Paradise, you can find her on Facebook here.
She has been very helpful, replying to my message quite fast, and being very clear.
The fee is about 10-15% not sure with the change.
She helped me with the measures and has been very patient with all my messages and answers.
Also helped with the customs, it passed for free!
So, on a scale of 5 i would give to her shopping service 5+

HMHM Coat.
I love it!

It is very well done, except maybe the inside that feels like too delicate.

It fit very well and the measures are perfect

It is soft and warm, but prolly not enough for under (or close) zero degrees.

It also came with a cape and the fur is all detachable.
The only bad thing is it has no pocket.

So i would give it 4
But i love it! so it's a 4+

Yeeehhhh :D


  1. OoooH!! The coat looks lovely on you! Perfect fit! ;)

    I'm still hunting my own winter coat, but the problem is that none of the lolita styled coats are warm enough for finnish wheather. :P

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

    1. Lol yeah, it seems very cold up there!
      I think it is too light for the deep winter, even here in Milan.
      I have a sorta of down jacket that is a detachabel inside of another coat, i may also use with the hmhm one, to try and survive the winter ^^

  2. So amazing coat! I love this color. Very elegant and cute. :3

    1. Using it for going to the office, i feel like a princess *.*