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Monday, 29 October 2012

What i need in my lolita wardrobe - Update

 what i already have.

2 white short sleeves blouses OVS
1 black short sleeves blouse Bodyline
1 black cardigan OVS
1 white long petticoat Hell Bunny
1 black sailor style high waist skirt Bodyline
1 white and black skirt otk OVS
1 black imperial style dress Offbrand
2 under the knee socks
1 Pair black boots at the knee Bodyline
1 White bloomers Bodyline
2 Colored winter collant (black, purple, brown, gray and black strpe) offbrand
1 Medium petticoat handmade
1 Coat HMHM
3 Parigine socks (otk)
1 pair of francesine shoes

Incoming items
Velveteen JSK Surfacespell

1 white long sleeves blouse
1 black long sleeves blouse
2 or more parigine socks (otk)
2 ore more colored winter collant
2 winter type skirt
1 shorter petticoat
1 pair of boots good for winter

If anybody got any hint for a starter lolita wardrobe what to get and where (cheap!) please, leave a comment :)

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