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Friday, 26 October 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival : Your style outside of Lolita

New topic for the LBC Project (loving it!)

That's a bit odd, because i'm still building my lolita wardrobe and i had not yet a chance to wear a full lolita outfit, but anyway i want to partecipate!
Just took a single new pic for this post, and going to use some old pic i took during the past weeks, because i use to take pic of me after dressing up, not having a full size mirror i have to climb up a chair ..ehehe.
So it is easier to take pic and watch it to check everything is ok ad I can go out.

I'm a very casual girl so i don't even give a name to the style i use, i like gothic and punk and i used to dress like that more when i was younger.
Having to go to the office, thou, pushed me to buy clothes i could wear to job, plus i play LARP and often i buy clothes for my character's costumes.
I don't have enough money for so many different wardrobes! XD

Let's start with my usual office outfits.

During the day when I'm not at job i like to chill out in casual, but always girly.

At night i like a look a little bit more aggressive, and maybe you can see here a little taste of punk and gothic.

As you can see I'm a very normal girl :)
I also like heels, but only when is not really needed to walk!

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  1. Hello! Nice to meet you!
    Well i really like how you show your love for lolita in some small details in that night outfit. I really like your office outfit with the coat on, the pose is extremely adorable as well.

    1. OMG^^ thank you! When i first read your comment i was on the train and my face turned red *blush* eheheh

  2. I love that regardless of the occasion you always have a bit of frill in all of these outfits! ;) Your frilly love comes through, even in daily wear!