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Monday, 22 October 2012

A Wedding Menu

My wedding is getting closer!
Soon will be june and we had nothing ready...
To gain some ideas and to estimate the price we are going to some wedding convention, where we can look at locations, sugared almond, little presents for our guestes, and everything is needed for a wedding.
Our wedding is going to be very easy and casual and, especially, low budget!

To one of this wedding shows we found a wanderful farm that hosts wedding parties, with food made from their product, and horses and swimming pool and beautiful rooms.
So we stopped to ask some info about that location and got invited to a dinner to taste a wedding menu and visit the farm.

When you get invited to this called "open day" for bride and groom, it is usally for free.
So my bf and me had this fabulous romantic dinner!
And i finally had a chance to wear a dress i love

Now, we still have to visit another location and then we gonna chose where to celebrate our wedding.

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