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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival : Favorite Makeup Tips

New topic of the week for the Lolita Blog Carnival project!

Make up is one of the best weapon a girl can use, for many reason :
Look better, feel better, act with more self confidence.
I must say that i only use heavy make up for events: Nights out, meeting, convention, larping, random special event.
But usually, during the week, when i just go to job or gym, i just put some eyeliner and mascara, while i let the skin free to breath.

My tip of the day is:

How to get a smoother looking skin good for photo-shooting

If you had read my blog a little you should know i use to larping about once a month.
When we play, there is often somebody who takes many photo of us, for our forum, group or sometimes even newspapers or blogs.
So it is important to me that my skin looks good because i will not have any power about which pic to publish or about photo editing.
This is how i try to make my skin look better in pics

What i used

  1. Brushes
  2. BB cream
  3. Primer
  4. Concealer
  5. Eyeliner ( i had already applied)
  6. Blush
  7. Bright face powder
I always start washing my face and doing a scrubs.
Then i apply an anti oil tonic and i wait a little bit for it to being absorbed before starting applying the make up.

At this point I start applying, with my finger, the primer, i use a skin tone correction primer (color peach) to give to my skin more luminosity and make it look healthy.
Second step is to apply a pink concealer around my eyes to cover dark circles.

After that i start applying the bb cream, and for that i use the proper brush.
I leave some bb cream dot all over the face and then i blend brushing from the internal to the external of my face.

To make the effect more mat i apply some bright powder all around with the big brush and then i go for details, especially on nose and nostrils, with a smaller brush.

As last step i apply the blush 

All this takes me around 15 or 20 minutes, when i have to take care of eyes, false eyelashes and everything else comes in my mind, I need around 1 hours or more to get ready to go out, for my bf joy (NOT!).
But anyway, when is needed i think it worth it!

I can actually see a difference ( and I can also see I'm not good at cutting my bangs alone!)

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  1. heehee~! my fringe also does this and it makes me angry. XD can i ask what blush you use? the colour looks lovely!

    1. That fringe grows so fast! XD

      The blush is KIKO number 108 but it is a bit more red then in the pic.

      Thank you for visiting my blog <3