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Friday, 12 October 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 prints you would like to see

This is my first lolita blog carnival post yay!
As the title says the topic of the week is about 3 prints you would like to see on lolita dresses.

Lets start saying that i don't really love big and sparkling prints on the dresses, i like a more classic and elegant style, also if i like floreal patterns.
But it would be interesting to see some famous artists paintings used as print.

For exaple one from my favourite painter, Klimt, with all his opulent gold.
I'd really like to see a print with The Tree of Life

Another artist and genius i really admire is Leonardo, and i would love some print with his sketch, like this

It would give to the dress a steampunk look probably.

Last but not least, a Boheme symbol, work of Théophile Alexandre Steinlen, Tournée du Chat Noir

I'm a black cats lover, there are 2 of them living and sleeping with me <3 , and i also got a print of this litography.

Probably those are a bit odd as print to use for a lolita dress but for sure are...different? eheheh

Other blogs that i follow, parteciping to the lolita blog carnival week's.

Ant thats all for now, thank you for reading! 


  1. KLIIIIMT <3
    You speak to my heart with this name, I'm fond of most of his work and it would perfectly fit a lolita dress!

  2. These are all gorgeous pieces of art! I have to say though, my favorite one would probably be the da Vinci sketch collage. I bet that would look gorgeous!

  3. Your blog is very cute!
    Thank you for following me! I follow you back :3


    1. Thank you and welcome!
      I find your comics and illustrations so nice! I may try to do some as well ^^

  4. Leonardo's work!! Of course! Lovely choices, dear!! :D

  5. Sock Dreams has a pair of Tournée du Chat Noir knee highs. Having a lolita print of it will give them something to go with.

    1. Wow i didn't know about the sock, i'd like to see them!

  6. i would like to see all those :o wonderful, the DaVinci's print would be so nice!

    1. XD
      hey, will you take part to the next lolita blog carnival topic?