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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Tea Time - Tea Tasting

When my bf and me went to the wedding show to find some ideas for our wedding we got an invite to a Tea Tasting event to a cake shop showing their wedding cake there.
So today we went to Cantù, a little town close to Como City.
The cake shop is called Marra and the event was hosted by them and the Tea Forté producer.

For 6 euro each person, you could take 2 tea cups and cakes buffet.

I tasted first White Ambrosia tea, a white tea with with sweet notes of vanilla and island coconut, very delicate.

After that i got an herbal tea, Raspberry Nectar, succulent raspberry with ruby-hued hibiscus flower, very tasty (caffeine free)

My bf got a Bombay Chai, black tea rich of Imperial spices for a flavorful cup of tea, and Citrus Mint, refreshing herbal tea with peppermint and delighting citrus (caffeine free)

We really enjoy the afternoon with those delicious teas and cakes, so before leaving we wanted to buy a pot of Earl Gray, black tea with Assam leaves with an aromatic liquoring pf citrus bergamot.

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