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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New year fitness activities

The sunlight saving year starts in January and ends in December.
But all the activities usually starts in September and ends in July.
So this month everything restarted after a sleepy August.
What I plan for this fitness year is to focus on sculpting the muscle, over just losing weight.
I did a very good work from January to July already, losing around 17 libs and getting in fit, my body is grateful.
I want to lose about 2 more kg ( 4.5 lbs) and getting my arms and legs in shape.
So less aerobic and more muscolar exercise, like tonification, GAG (gambe, addominali, glutei=legs, abdominals, buttocks), stratching and pilates (because i can't get to touch my feet).

I started to use little more weight when training.

When i can't go to any class because of job shift i'm gonna run on the tapisroulan and using the step machine.

Not following any special diet, after 9 months i got used to eat less and better, so all i need to do is to keep going like this, i can eat sweetes, chocolate, fried food, but without overdo.
Basically is an easy life.

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