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Thursday, 13 September 2012

New sewing work: Petticoat

Actually i started this project a couple of week ago but i was to lazy to report about it.
I made myself a petticoat, because the one i got when i was in UK is too long for almost all my skirt and is not the best one to use for lolita.
This is the petticoat i bought

And being not very tall, as i use to say, this petticoat ends to my calf.
I needed a petty ending right under my knees, and actualli i even need a shorter one.
By the way, i can't teach you anything about how to make a petticoat, all i did was looking tutorial on youtube.
The item you need are
Sewing machine (oh yeah!)
Cotton thread of the color you are going to make the petticoat ( i made it white )
Lining (color as for the cotton)
Elastic (the one for the waist )

You better get somebody to help you take your measures, i did it by myself, but better having some help.
And after you got your measures, add many MANY centimeters, to have space to work and do mistakes.

What i did was to cut the tulle in many layers then to sew them over each other, and the sew them over the lining.
Then i did a turnup on the top of the lining to cover all the sewing signs, and i let it open to put the elastic trought it.

The elsastic must be shorter then your waist because you want it to be thignt around you or..the petticoat would fall!
Also this make it curly and give a better effect and more thickness, i hope you get what i mean.
This is the result:

Also checked the petticoat with the dress i'm gonna wear for next vampire larp and the effect is not bad!
But not gonna show you until i get pics from the live, next month!

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