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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The olympics torch

Writing right from my bed, i'm trapped at home for a flue that don't want to leave me since saturday.
I still have many pics and many things to share about my vacation to UK.
I also noticed that London has been a common choice for many fb friends, this summer.
But back to te subject:
It happened, while we were in Bredford, that the Olympics torch passed trough Lister Park, that was quite close to my friends home, so even if i don't care about the Olympics games it was a nice event to see.
Here a view of the park, very beautiful and quite big.

We checked the torch path on the web until the time was right, so we didn't had to wait too long.
The park was very crowded so my bf had to put me on his shoulder to le me see something (i'm short!) and that was perfect to take some good pics!

After the torch has passed we went for a walk trough the park and ended to the museum

And this is me being silly

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