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Monday, 17 September 2012


Has been about a month i'm missing the gym.
Because it has been closed for 2 weeks then i had my period, then i had a flue.
Now is time to go back, all the classes have already start and i really need to work out to get fit, my back is alrady hurting cause the lack of exercise.
There is nothing better to motivate myself , to see the result of all my hard work, i'm proud of it.
This is not a thinspo and i'm not a proana or promia.
I do eat, many times per day, and sometimes i also eat chocolate and sweeties and fried stuff (yummy!)
Just i don't overdo.
So i'm gonna show you, and this is an hard thing to do, how i was last summer and how i am now.
Covering my face if this pic is gonna get used somewhere else.
July 2011 on the left and September 2012 on the right
Wearing same top and same skirt, just no hoodie on the right one.

The way you wanna be, the way you wanna look, who you are and who you wanna be is all up to you.
What matter is just being happy.
So this is my choice and i am happy only like this and not the other way.

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