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Friday, 28 September 2012

Handmade lace hairband

I really love hair accessory as bow and hairband, but it usually it hurt behind my ears, especially at job where i use to wear eyeglasses.
So i started to use soft hairband instead of the rigid ones.
But, even looking around for cute soft hairband I've always been disappointed.
So finally i decide how i wanted it to be and to make it by myself.
I found out it was really easy!

So basically what you need is:
Lace of your choice
Elastic for clothes
Cotton thread
Sewing machine (but u can do it even without if you are good at sewing )

Firs take the measures, the lace must be longer of the measure needed for your head, cause you have to make it elastic.
Cut a small elastic piece, then fix it on the opposite ends, leaving more lace of the whole elastic length
Remember to work on the reverse side.
Now you can sew the whole elastic to the lace, stretching it till the lace is totally straight.

There you go

Do you like it?
I love it!


  1. It's so cute and I love the lace! ^__^

    I have the same problem with some plastic or metal headbands, that they start to hurt behind my ears.

    Frillycakes ♥

    1. Yeah i found this aberdashery that got so many cute things, cute stamped fabric ( i wanna try to sew an easy jsk with those, once) wanderful laces, and everything you can dream for handmade things ^^ i wanna make more of this.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks XD I want to try and make more of them ^^

  3. Bella! Anch'io ne ho fatte alcune in questa maniera, anche di stoffa :D
    Ne ho anche una di pizzo di H&M, ma mi si sfila sempre, forse dovrei farmene un'altra...gli accessori di pizzo non sono mai troppi!

    1. Il pizzo è fantastico, specie se ci investi un pochino, da veramente un tocco elegante. dovrò cimentarmi a farne altre al più presto