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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Lolita Style for Beginners

So you want to dress in lolita style?
Do you know what it actually is?
Do you know where to buy and what?
Do you know where to start?
As a beginner myself, I can give you some advice.

First of all
Don’t buy anything now, because if you don’t know yet what you really want, and what really is LOLITA, then you will end buying something that is NOT Lolita.
Paying for it money it doesn’t worth.
What you really need now is to learn.
So find some Lolita communities, if there are in your country/town, and get on the most popular Lolita communities on the web as EGL on live journal
And study, read, watch, study again and read and watch again.
A good place to start is Hello Lace here you can actually learn alot about every Lolita style, then when you decided what is the style you want to follow, start to build a basic wardrobe.
So don’t go to buy an OP (one piece) , or a JSK (jumper skirt), start with something easier, get one or more blouses, and skirts, a petticoat and then start to get other accessories to build an outfit around those things.
Then when you feel comfortable go for a jsk and/or an OP.

My 2 newbie cents