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Friday, 3 August 2012

About fitness and diet

I should be posting about my vacation in England, I still have many pics to organize and such.
But lately i'm being lazy with that, also 'cause I'm busy, with job, gym, cats, bf, friends.
All things that make me happy...except the job....not that it makes me sad but i would like to earn money without having to get to the office and argue with customers everyday XD.

Today is my last day to the gym because they are closing for the next 2 weeks due vacations.
I disagree about this closing, i payed the whole month but i can't go for 2 weeks.
I wish it wasn't so hot so i culd play to just dance for some exercise, we dont have air-conditioner at home :(

I'm working hard to win my battle against fat.
NOTE: I don't think who is overweight is ugly.
But i don't wanna be overweight, it is ugly ON ME.
I'm short and all my fat goes on my hips and legs and bottom, it makes me look ridiculous.
I wanna wear some kind of dresses that i think would look good on me only if i stay thin.
Plus I'm tryin to be healty with food and exercise , because...i wanna stay young and live forever XD

Since January i lost 8.5 kg ( 18.74 lbs ), nothing impressive or extreme, i did it with the right times, in the right way and it is something is going to last.
Because of that i had to renew my wardrobe, many things were too big for me to use again, so 2 days ago i gave a look to my closets and startet to trow or to give away shirts i was no longer using, i also found something i can try to sell.
Next step is the wardrobe itself, i know there are many jeans and slacks i can get rid off, to make some space for my next shopping.
I'm gonna need many new things for the winter cause all the old clothes are big (yay!) and i wanna buy lolita clothes that, indeed, take a good amount of space (and money).

What i would like to get, also, are some parigine, the socks over the knee, but for those i really need to do something for my legs and find a good way to wear them, my legs are not good looking at all :(
And even with the gym they are not so firm.

Anyway i'm close to my goal, even if i know my legs will never be thin, cause they have never been, that's my body, is not going to change, my aunties got my same legs and hips.

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