Google+ Sidhe banshee: So many visitors

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

So many visitors

I won a giveaway from the blog Cupcake's Clothes by  Georgina Doulla.
Since then many people came to visit my blog.
I want to thank Georgina, and Cheap Frills, and also all the visitors.
And i would like to apologize because I know my blog is nothing special, it is not about a specific subject, is just about me and what happens in my normal life, and english is not my first language so this is why is not so good.

Thanks to everybody! <3

(i will make a post about the giveaway when i will get the prizes)


  1. uuuh complimenti! voglio troppo sapere cos'hai vinto ^^ fortunella!

    1. Si si guarda, lo trovi qui
      poi posto le mie foto quando arriverà.