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Tuesday, 14 August 2012


About a couple of week ago we got invited to a brunch at friends home to celebrate their new home.
They are the kind of people who cares about nature, pollution, ecology and so on.
So they always eat biological and make things by their own.
So 90% of food on this table is made by them.

My bf, who loves cooking took from them some pasta madre, made it to grow up and did cook some very good bread!

This is me at the brunch, i use to borrow a mirror wherever i go, because i don't have a full one at home.

I love this pic, it makes me look thin, and yeah i know i'm not smiling, is not a rule that you always gotta smile in a pic. I was focused to not let the phone to fall XD.
In theme with the bio-brunch i thought it was good to use a "natural" style bag

Funny things this is the same bag you can see in an outfit post on Cupcake's clothes.
I got it from Primark, in U.K. (woah i miss Primark so much! i wanna go there again!)

All pics are took with instagram, not photoshopped.

Bye <3

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