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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

If you are out of money....

You gotta find a solution!
As you know i ordered from bodyline, so probably you are thinking
"Hey this girl always complain about being out of money but keep spending!"
Yeah, i sold my old smartphone, this is how i got money to order the boots.

But i had unexpected charges, i changed bank and the old one kept 75 € to close the account (using some poor excuse ) i will probaly get some of those money back in a couple of months (like maybe 15 €)

I gave a look around to find a second job, but it can't be a full time one, since i already have one, and i hand't any luck untill now.

I wanna buy some lolita clothes for the winter, this mean i MUST save some money to be able to order those clothes.

So starting from tomorrow, the program is to survive with 10 € per day untill the next salary.

Except thursday when i had already planned a lunch out with a friend so it is already included in the spend review.

Good luck.


  1. I know what you mean..I'm a single mom still studying and surviving with minimum money. :(

    I have never afforded real lolita brands like Angelic Pretty or Baby the Stars Shine Bright..

    But I think there's some good things being poor and purchasing things too..
    - you think more what you will buy
    - the few things you'll get have more meaning
    - you will have to use more imagination and effor to put up a coordination

    Sometimes it's a good thing, that has an ability to take care of finances, but it would be really great to sometime actually have money to get what you want! :D

    1. For you is even harder then. I live with the minimum salary aswell and i share the flat with my bf, and this sometimes helps sometimes doesn't, because without him i would be still renting a room in a shared flat but probably i would be buyng less food and going out not so often eheh.
      Has always been like that for me i've never been wealthy, last time i was "fine" it was when i got a job while still living at my parents place, long long ago :D
      But i chose to be independent and my Independence worth it :D
      Now with all the crisis affair my salary is really poor eheh i will buy used stuff and cheapest brand but i will be happy anyway ^^

    2. Things could always be much worse. :P
      ..but things will always work out somehow. ^^