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Thursday, 9 August 2012

I hate PayPal

Yesterday i did my order from BODYLINE, i sould be happy.
But i had great issue with PayPal that forced me to give up on an item.
I had to associate my prepayed card to PayPal account.
After i did it, the told me that they were charging 1,50 euro on my card to prove i was the owner.
They told me AFTER i associate the card.
The charge was going to generate a code, writing down that code into the PayPal account they were going to give me back the 1,50 euro.
So i did.
But they gave me the mony back on the Paypal account and not on the card.
i tried to buy my items from Bodyline, but of course there wasnt enough money on card.
So i wanted to put back those money on the card, but to do that they were going to charge me 1 euro.
I cancelled the transaction, but they charged my card with another euro!!!
At this point i was out of my mind, VERY UPSET!
I went to the other room to vent.
Got back to the pc and decided to give up on the petticoat since the money on card were not enough.
But, i was so upset with paypal that i decided to not use that service.
I did my order using my card, the same i associated to PayPal.
This morning i found PayPal charged another euro on my card.

I wrote very mean and upset mail to their assisntance, havent got any reply yet.
I can pass over the 1,50.


So i can't enjoy my shopping :(
I got boots and bloomers.
But i'm so upset ....
Is going to be charged every breath i take?

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