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Friday, 30 November 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: DIY gift ideas

What a great topic for this time of the year!
We are all in turmoil 'cause Christmas gifts!
Let's start to explain what DIY means, for those who has not english as first language as me ( i had to google it!)

We know many lolita girls loves to craft!
I've been lucky 'cause i was already crafting a gift for a friend of mine.

My idea is an hairband.
I got some plain metal hairband from etsy (it took quite long to arrive, next time i'm gonna buy in europe to get faster delivery).

I used water based glue, ribbons and lace (and some fantasy!)
I'm making some hairbands for me, one for a friend of mine and one for my bf nephew.
This is the one i made for me, is very simple especially 'cause was the first one i did try.

And this is the one i made for my friend.

The others are not ready yet, i'm very busy with the sewing lessons, the rpg, the live rpg and job and gym and...ohhhh....i need to sleep! ahahah

I also have been commissioned for another one, always as Christmas present, from a friend who saw the last one i made.
And i'm happy about that, 'cause that means they liked it :)

Please if you have any hint about this (or about my english) feel free to let me know, i'm always willing to learn!

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