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Monday, 5 November 2012

Lucca Comics 2012 : My cosplay

I can't make a single post about all the Lucca Convention.
I've been there 3 days there are many things to tell about and lot of pics!

Let's start with my poor cosplay.
I say "poor" because at the beginning i planned to do a different cosplay but the costume wasn't good enough, I asked my aunty to make it, but she lives very far away and we had to talk about it via email, and in the end it was too long and i had no time to fix it.
So I had to put together a cosplay in about a week, I went for something easy with what I already had available.
My choice has been Hansel from Black Lagoon

I did cosplay just the day 1, because day 2 was all dedicate to lolita events, and day 3 i was just too tired! XD


  1. Mi piace un sacco Black Lagoon, quindi approvo ^^

    1. Però ho notato che non è granché famoso =/