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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Christmas presents list

I'm not really into Christmas, i'm not going to decorate a christmas tree nor my home.
Last year i did a Christmas dinner on the 24 with my bf and some friends, and on 25 we were at my bf parents home.
But this year i will leave on the 22 to go to my parents home and i will be back on the 26, while my bf will stay here cause he couldn't get days off job :(
Here in Milan, the "family Christmas moment" is on the 25 morning, for lunch, while in Naples is on 24 evening for dinner, and on the 25 morning but in a shorter version (eheheh).
As I said i'm not into Christmas but i like the opportunity to spend some time with family (even if usually we argue about something) or friends.
This year i want to wear something special for the Christmas dinner, i don't know yet if we are going somewhere or having guestes at home, for sure there will be all my family, my mom, dad, brother, his wife and my tiny little cute nephew.
Now back to the point.
Even if i don't care about Christmas i have to buy some presents for people i love and who will probably buy me something ^^
My mom - done
My dad - done
My bro
My sis-in-law - done
My nephew
A new friend
His mom - done
His dad
His bro
His sister

and last but not least, my bf <3<3 i told him to do a wish list on etsy as i did and i will pick something from that list.

I bought something for my mom, dad, sis-in-law and my bf mom, on etsy.
From the same shop and so the seller sent me a present ! :D
I'm waiting it to arrive!

My etsy wish list :
Sidhe Christmas wish list
i'm not linking it to sudjest you to buy me a present! XD
But because maybe you can find some idea for your presents :)

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