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Monday, 12 November 2012

A day in the life of SIDHE! Photo diary (it was for LBC)

Sorry for the delay!
I planned to do it Friday but i had nothing ready and i should have got pics on that day, but i was feeling so ill i really didn't had energy to do it.
And since my usual day are during the week, and weekend are just special days, i had to wait till monday to show you how my day is.
Maybe this is out of topic because is not so just my life, my everyday!
Here we go.
I have 3 different shift to the office, most of the time i have to be there at 9am sometimes at 10am
So i wake up ar 7.40 or 8.40 am and say goodbye to my sweet warm bed and my bf who sometimes is still sleeping, cause he workes on shifts as well.

Most of the time i wake up with both of my cats sleeping next to me ..if not ON me, and i spend few minutes cuddling them.
I could actually wake up 15 minutes later but i need time to cuddle my cats becuase they follow me everywhere.

They usually sits on the washingmachine next to the washbasin and look at me while i wash and get ready, and they like the water flowing expecially the little one, and want to play with it.
When i get eyeline the big one always try to catch it, i can never ever get upset at them cause i love them to much so i laugh for what they do all the time.

When I'm finally ready (and is always too late), i put on my casual coat and clothes and I run to the train station that is just 5 mins waliking from home (and this is why we are looking for a new home always close to the train station, is sooooo nice to wake up late and get to job in time!)

2 or 3 days a week i use to go to the gym after job, as you can see from the pic i have a backpack and the bag so thats mean GYM DAY! <3

My office is in a skyscraper in the citycenter, and the suburban train stops is right under it!
first 8 floors are offices and from 9 to 27 are luxury apartment (even if i would never live in this area...too traffic and the skyscraper is ugly). Here lives some italian tv and sport vips, sometimes we meet them down in the hall or main entrance or at the garage, but i never recognize them because i don't watch tv and i'm not good at physiognomy, and anyway i don't really care about them.

When i get to my desk (i will do a special post about it cause i want some help from you all to cutify it), is time for breakfast, yeah i never do it at home, I never did, i wait till i get to the office. So i order an orangejuice, an empty brioche to the bar at the first floor and while i go get coffee with a spot of milk to the coffee machine in the office, the bar deliver my breakfast to my desk (omg i'm so spoiled i know!!! but i don't order it everyday just 2 or 3 times... XD )
For lunch usually i take food form home, that my lovely bf made for me, and then i catch some colleagues/friends to the restaurant for the coffee.

When the job is done is time for gym.

Usually the gym is on monday,wednesday and sometime friday.
On thuesday we have a gdr session, if we can't meet on thuesday then we do on Thursday.
At least one day a week(or more) i do absolutely nothing after job! XD

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