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Thursday, 22 November 2012

My secret unveiled....and some news

Just ONE of my secrets *evil grin*!
This is me to the Gym

Few months ago

The secret I usually hide under a skirt  ... thats doesnt sound good i know...but i'm just talking about my legs!
And especially about my hips.
As you can see my body is far from being perfect, but i would never say i am fat, or something like that, just to moan and play victim, i worked hard just to get here, but still my weak points are legs and hips

My legs will never be like the pic on the right, because my body is not like that, i must sruvive to this and is okay, but  i still want to lose some weight and get thinner hips, i sure can since i'm still overweight of a couple of kg, this mean i can lose from 2 to 5 without any risk.
I'm proud of my muscles, i had not at all since some months ago, but i starte gym in February 2012 and it shows!

Now, some updates:
As you can see on the right i added a calendar, because there are so many events incoming that i wanna track them, and even if i may try to hide you something just to post a surprise, you can spoil something there.

I'm seeing my local lolitas community and planning lot of things with them, it's going to be very fun!

Next week i'm starting some sewing lessons from a friend yay! We are going to make a velveteen lolita skirt, a cupcake petticoat and a victorian skirt, this will go ahead until April.

Still waiting the jsk i ordered from Surface Spell, sigh, i fear won't be here in time for Christmas.

Still waiting pics from last Vampire Larp! Hope to get them soon so i can make a post about it!

That's all for now....

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