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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A victorian treasure hunt

I woke up at 8.30 am on a cold saturday morning.
The train from Milan to Turin was at 11.18 am, and i still had to buy the ticket.
The meeting with the other girls was at the central train station.

Milan was very cold, still covered by a white veil of fresh snow, it snowed almost the whole friday.
I had to change the whole outfit i had planned, because moonboots were not okay under a victorian skirt that leaves the ankles out....i tried with a lolita skirt but was looking i just went casual lolita....if it can be called so...i really don't know...

When we arrived we found out Turin, was clean, sunny and there was no trace of snow...
I was dressed up like there was going to be a snowstorm cause meteo said so...but it was wrong...and i sweat the whole day.
I had to change my outfit..because of snow and there was no snow at all..

I felt so stupid.
So i will show you just few pics...where you can just see my coat.
Even my face was awful.

We had a envelope with the hints, they were numered so we had to start from the first to arrive to the last one.
In every team ( 4 of them) there was a person with whatsapp and a person who knows Turin.
The hint had to lead you to a place, like museums, or sculptures, the team had to take a pic of that place and send it to the coordinator, if it was right we were allowed to read the next hint.

We were going very good, but we went to the wrong place of the last hint. it was very far, so we lost lot of time and we arrived last eheheh.
but is okay it was jus for fun.
The prize was a bag of candies, and the winners gave some candies to everybody.

After the treasure hunt we all went to a tea room to get coffee, tea, beer, oranje juice and whatever.

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