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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

About Drinking

Last saturday i posted a pic of wine glasses and bottle.
I love wine, i dont like super-alcoholic drinks.
I drink 1 and half glass of wine and i’m done, i’m fun and i laugh alot and i say stupid things.
But happened something else to the girl we were celebrating.
Her so called friends, made her to drink like she never did before, again and again, until she puked all out, on her face on her hair on her dress.
It was her party, and her friends did this to her.
She could have said no, but she never drink before she didn’t know probably how it is when you drink too much.
Then when she felt bad those who made her to drink went to take care of her, took her to the toilet to help her puke more and clean up.
Oh yeah this is friendship.
I would never embarrass a friend of mine in the day she is celebrating something important to her.
I would make her happy and have fun instead.
But sorry, maybe i’m wrong about everything.
Keep drinking, your makeup will pour, and your face will look like you are an idiot, you won’t be beautiful, you will just look like a clown and smell disgusting

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