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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The faeries' gate

This sunday there was the fantasy larp event.
Finally, i would say.
So i left bf at home and went to play!
The location was great, it was the Soncino castle.

I went to play other time at that location, but always around the castle, while this time we were inside the castle.
The plot was about saving or not an imaginary girl who was the imaginary love of the Baron's son.

He wanted to convice us she was real, he dreamed of her and he was sure she was his true love.
But we had infiltrator from bot side, the good and the evil side, and they were trying to push us in different directions.

In the end we didn't save that girl from the cave she was trapped in, cause some people decided to steal the magic walking stick that was needed to enter the cave.

So the evil side won, we didn't know there were evil and good side plotting with us, the ones who stealed the stick came back after and killed some of us who were unconcious and robbed em, i was cursed by an Obscure Puka, and i run away, that saved me from being killed.

After that we were all invited to the Dark Court, the Dark Faeries Court, cause we ended up doing their will.

And i made a pact with them to remove my curse, but that means the dark faeries own me, and i will serve them for long time and much probably my character will die by them.


  1. Che grandissima figata! Sono stata a visitare il castello di Soncino da piccola e lo ricordo splendido, giocare di ruolo in un'ambientazione del genere è un sogno *_*
    Nn ho mai giocato live, ma mi piacerebbe un sacco!

    1. Allora vieni a provare :D
      Di dove sei?
      Non so ancora dove sarà il prossimo evento ne quando, ma ti tengo aggiornata se ti va di venire!

    2. Mi piacerebbe! Sono di Milano :D
      Grazie mille, sei gentilissima!!!

    3. Allora è tutto più facile, anche io sono di Milano, ci si organizza insieme ^^

    4. Che fortuna! ^^ Ancora grazie!