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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Review: Lady Sloth - Navy Gobelin JSK

Some times ago i ordered this JSK from Lady Sloth, did not had a chance to wear it yet, but finally i got some spare time to write a review about it.

This is the second time i buy from Lady Sloth and I must say she is always kind, helpful and professional.

First shipping got lost, i have no idea how and where, but i never received it.
When I told her she made me a whole new dress, and shipped it and i didn't had to pay anything else.
I'm very grateful for that.

So for the service a give her from 0 to 5 a 5++ and for the shipment another 5, because for sure it was a postal service mistake


the package was whole and the address was printed

The dress inside was wrapped in another plastic to protect it better, when i opened it the dress was ironed it just had a few creases because it was shipped of course.
There was also an hair accessory


When i saw it first thing i though was "it's gorgeous".


The fabric is not the usual cotton it is, let's say "rough", a little bit ticker and rigid perhaps, but in a good way, it gives to the dress that special look, and when i did try it on it was very comfortable, plus it is shirred on the front and the back.

But now lets see more details:
The ruffle is made of chiffon as the shirring on the front and it is very soft.

I love this color.

The lace is made of cotton, it was planned to be in navy but when first shipment got lost she only had this pink one left, but i think i like this one even more.

The bow is detachable and that's very good because i always need a belt, so i can pin the bow somewhere else.

Final vote:

Package 5
Shipment 5
Quality 5
Service 5++

Thank you Lady Sloth!

And thank you all for reading!


  1. che bello!!!^^ piaceva molto anche a me questo! poi però non ero molto sicura di questi colori su di me XD e ho ordinato il lady baroque op in nero! la qualità è davvero super! magari sapessi cucire anche io così ç____ç

    1. Sono comumque due vestiti molto impegnativi :D io lo definisco il vestito da grande evento in pompa magna, non certo una cosa per andare....chessó alla fiera dell'artigianato XD

    2. esatto!!!! l'avrei messo se facevano a dicembre l'evento in grande del forum! va beh dai intanto li abbiamo, speriamo di indossarli presto!!!^^ sarebbe bello anche all'Enchanted, tu ci andrai? a me piacerebbe ma non lo so ancora se posso :(

    3. Si credo che ci andrò salvo inconvenienti :) e penso di indossarlo li infatti ^^