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Monday, 4 November 2013

Lucca Comics and Games 2013

As every year on the Halloween weekend there is the biggest cominc and games convention in italy. November the 1th is holiday and it happened to be on a Friday, yay!

The convention was from Thursday, October 30 and Sunday, November the 2th.
We left for Lucca in the evening of Thursday right after job and arrived to Capannori, a location close to Lucca, but where the price are a bit lower, at around 11pm. It was the same room we had the last year for Lucca 2012, cause the host are very nice people and we wanted to come back.

This year I wanted to cosplay my favourite character, it is the one I really love over everything else, is the one I always wanted to be since I was a kid. Yu Morisawa from Creamy Mami .

At the beginning it was planned a combo with Creamy that was going to be played by a friend of mine, but she had to give up ‘cause wasn’t able to come to the convention anymore and so I was a lonely Yu.

 But there were Lonely Creamy(s) and other Lonely Yu(s) around too !

Friday we had good weather and was a luck cause I was dressed very light , with a summer shirt. While Saturday it was grey, damp and rainy I had to buy tights to cover my legs and had to borrow a jacket.

 But even with that weather the convention was heavily crowded!

Saturday night we also went to a vampire Requiem live, it was a decision we took on the late Saturday so we had nothing to wear, and I used a Lolita outfit I had for the dinner out on Friday, it worked good anyway. 

The location for the live was awesome!

Sunday we woke up late and left for Milan, we were very tired, my feet ad my calves still hurt.
I looked for a Yu figures to add to my showcase, but I only found a very small and not so well done Yu, for an absurd price, and a Creamy Mami figure dressed in a sexy bunny suit. So all I got was this pink alpacasso that still needs a name, a comic book about a Fennec and an autographed comic book from an Italian indie (silly) author, Daw.

And now more random pics!


Hope you enjoy

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