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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

50 questions 50 ways to get to know me - lolita version

1: How did you first get into Lolita?
2: Do you have a favorite Lolita style?
3: What if I told you that you are my Lolita inspiration?
4: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright or Alice and The Pirates?
5: Do have any Lolita meets you plan on attending soon?
6: How many petticoats do you own?
7: First lucky pack, lucky or unlucky?
8: What color were your first pair of tea parties?
9: Did you wear Lolita today?
10: What brand and series is your most comfortable JSK/OP from?
11: Could you go for the rest of your life without wearing Lolita?
12: Do you prefer Wigs, Hair Extensions or your Natural Hair?
13: OTKs or Knee Highs?
14: Do you still own your first Lolita piece?
15: Do you currently have a Dream Dress?
16: Have you ever gotten a dream dress only to be disappointed in it?
17: To what extent has Lolita entered your lifestyle?
18: How many days a week do you wear Lolita?
19: Did your last kiss take place while wearing Lolita?
20: Do you have a favorite print series?
21: Where is your favorite place to buy off-brand items?
22: Bonnets or Headbows?
23: Have you ever been to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright in Paris?
24: From which brand do you own the most items?
25: How does your family react to Lolita?
26: Kuro or Shiro?
27: Look in your closet. Name the first Lolita item you see. Would you ever part with it?
28: What is the last item you bought from a sales comm?
29: Do you own anything from an indie brand?
30: Do you create anything related to Lolita?
31: Has Lolita helped or hindered your love life?
32: Falsies or just mascara?
33: Do you have a color preference when it comes to Lolita?
34: How do you cope with negative views about Lolita?
35: Do you have a favorite brand?
36: Do you enjoy or are you annoyed with the attention that Lolita brings from onlookers?
37: Cotton blouses or cutsew?
38: Lolita really is a beautiful thing, huh?
39: Is there a time were you absolutely won't wear Lolita?
40: What is on your wrists right now?
41: Have you ever worn Lolita in Japan?
42: OPs or JSKs?
43: Have you ever regretted buying Lolita?
44: What's the silliest thing you've done in Lolita?
45: Gothic or Bittersweet?
46: Does Lolita make you genuinely happy?
47: OTT or Simple?
48: Have you ever had a bad experience because you wear Lolita?
49: Have you ever submitted a secret?
50: Do you think you will wear Lolita into old age?

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