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Friday, 7 June 2013

Shopping in the city

Milan is a quite big city ( in italy at least) and is the main center for fashion, shopping, social life, and events in general.

I moved to here 3 years ago, but i don't live in the city, just a bit outside.
And in the next weeks i'm gonna move a little bit further away.
The good things about where i live and where i'm going to live is the suburban train, called "passante" that is half suburban and half surface.
This train takes me right in the city and under my office!
My office place is very central, i can get from there to almost every side of the town easly thanks the tube or the passante.

This is the subway map, with tube and trains.
My office is where you can see the violet arrow, and the shopping streets are at the orange arrows.
So it is 1 train stop with the suburban train to Corso Buenos Aires

 And 3 stops with the tube from San Babila/Duomo

This is TRAGIC.
Because when the weather is good, or when i'm in need, I go to shopping instead then eat for the lunch break!

Usually, to be honest, I just go with the suburban train because i have a season ticket, so the trip is sorta "free".

I'm happy to live in the area outside the city and to come to work and shopping here.
Milan is a complicate city to live in, you can love it or hate it.
After moving many times I can say that there would not be another city in Italy where I would like to live.
Just i want to stay outside, because I want the green and the quiet, I want to hear birds singing and not the cars.

-- no one of the pics belong to me --

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