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Thursday, 13 June 2013

What i need in my lolita wardrobe - update

I'm sorry if i'm not posting anything new and interesting, but i'm too busy. we are changing home and all my things are packed up, i can't even find my clothes!
Then a very special event will happen, and then I'll be leaving, with my love, for JAPAN!

I have a few more pieces i still have to post about it, and maybe a review...but really i have no clue when i will have time to do it, maybe at the end of July!

what i already have.

2 white short sleeves blouses OVS
1 black short sleeves blouse Bodyline
1 black cardigan OVS
1 white long petticoat Hell Bunny
1 black sailor style high waist skirt Bodyline
1 Putumayo replica white and black skirt otk OVS
1 black imperial style dress Offbrand
1 White bloomers Bodyline
1 Coat HMHM
1 pair of francesine shoes
1 yellow/baige flowers classic lolita high waist skirt Bodyline
1 Brown Velveteen JSK Surfacespell
1 Chiffon old-rose blouse Kidsyoyo
1 Black Velveteen skirt handmade
1 Short pink petticoat Bodyline
1 Pink short sleeves blouse Bodyline
1 Wood faeries JSK BTSSB
1 Autumn Flower skirt Lady Sloth
1 White Long sleeves blouse 69department
1 Black long sleeves blouse Surfacespell
1 White bell shaped petticoat Classical Puppet
1 Black A line shaped petticoat Classical Puppet
1 Skirt Blooming garden replica by Baby Angel OVS
1 Skirt Cherry Berry replica by Baby Angel OVS
1 Florence Lace jsk baige Innocent world
1 Tartan Check jsk red BTSSB
1 Skirt lace mint Liz Lysa (not so loli i know..but still...!)
1 Beige heels shoes
1 black, shorter cardigan OVS
1 Liliac Cardigan

Incoming items

1 Brown  long/short sleeves blouse
1 Purple long/short sleeves blouse
2 or more parigine socks (otk)
2 ore more colored winter collant
1 brown shoes

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