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Thursday, 4 April 2013

All the cupcakes of mine

Hello all!
This is just an useless post, waiting for the big event of this weekend!
Yeah because, this weekend, there is the GLZ annual meeting.
GLZ is the Gothic Lolita Zone, an Italian community online, it is where i've learn alot about lolita fashion and where i found lovely friends ♥.

But lets get back to my cupcakes.
Just a few pics!

2 magnets and a coaster

Dessert spoons

Lip balms

(actually a piece of my collection is missing, i'll add a pic later)
Cya soon!


  1. Iiih~ Such lovely things, I also have one of those lipbalms.

    Glad you have a lolita community there, I recently met a lolita from Italy and she said there isn't as wide and close lolita community as we have in Finland..I have no idea though. :P

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

    1. Oh?
      Where was she from? I'm in Milan and i go out quite often with some loli-friends.
      I know not every lolita in Italy follows the community i am in, but that community has a place at the biggest comics/games/cosplay convention here in Italy (Lucca comics) and the teaparty where i'm going this Saturday sold about 60 tickets (lolita guestes and some boyfriends I suppose)