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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

TEACUP - Italian Lolita Teaparty

Finally i get some spare time to post about it!
I want to start telling you that has been GREAT!

But it all started like a nightmare, my own nightmare.
It all started a week before the party, i was trying the full outfit with wigs and makeup.
I splitted by mistake some bb cream on the blouse, but i was still okay, there was still a week to go before the party, so i took the blouse to the laundry, and they told me there were no problem, just they needed a couple of day more, i told em i was going the next Friday.

The week of the teaparty was full of things to do, i was out every evening, so friday arrived, and i had an appointment to the hairstylist to cut wig fringe.
But the train was late....and when it arrived something got broke and we have been kept as hostage for about 50 minutes.
While i was waiting for the train to move my bf called and told me the laundry forgot about my blouse and he almost argued with them to get it back.

I was so upset!
Saturday arrived and i woke up at 9 to run to the hairstylist then back home to get ready.
A cat lost my ring, my blouse had a spot of bb cream under the wig roll, a fake nail come off right when i close the door behind me to leave.
Into the car i told to my bf "i just want this day to end"

But then i arrived to the location, and everything was so AMAZING i totally forgot about everything else.
We were at Residenza Vignale, an historical Home in Milan.
We had the whole place all reserved to us.
The hall, the wardrobe.
A room was set up as little market where lolita fellows could sell their own creations

this pic belongs to Artfully Arya

A room was reserved to the buffet tables, and the biggest one was the tearoom itself
You can see quality difference from a professional photo and my smartphone

This pic belongs to Giulia Hepburn Photography

Cute Placeholder

We had a workshop where Sybelle Photography and the model Deborah Luna Santarelli explained us how to pose for a photo with a photographer or a self-shot

Sybe had a proper photoset just for us! She got so many beautyful photos, that i'll show you later ;)

At the end was hosted a lottery and the first prize was:

We had some great time together.
A big THANKS to the organizers.

Next post will be about Sunday to the Scala theatre, and last one with all pics of me uhuhuh (yeah narcissist!)


  1. The tea party looks like it was a blast!

    1. It was! I really enjoyed it and I want more XD

  2. oh, si vede il mio sedere "puffoso" X°D

    scherzi a parte, son stata contenta di essermi abbuf... *ehm*, aver parlato con te XD