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Monday, 15 July 2013

日本への旅 - 初日 ( Trip to Japan - Day one )

Hello everybody!
I fanally got back my laptop and found an internet connection.
We lwft our old home and moved into the new one, but since we are still doing some work inside we can't sleep there yet so we are encamped at my in-law's place.

But, lets get back to the trip!

The flight was 11 or 12 hours, i'm not really sure because it depends on the time zone, jet-lag and me trying to sleep all the time (and failing).
We left Milan at 10.30am and arrived to Nara at 7.50am about.

Before landing we had to sign some paper, and then at the airport they took our fingerprint and a photo, i hated to have to take the  photo cause i was really twisted after all that time on the plane.
From the airport we took the bus limousine to go to Tokyo and to our hotel.

Once at the hotel were 10.40am and we found out we could not do the check-in before 3pm!
We were really tired, they told us they could take our suitcases at least.
We went, so ,to take a walk around to see what was close to the hotel, then we started feeling hungry but everything was still close, the restaurants didn't open before 11am.
But finally the 11am arrived and we could try our first REAL Japanese food!
We went for Ramen.

After having lunch i couldnìt stand anylonger so we went back to the hotel hall, that is in a big skyscraper with subway, metro and train stations, and shops, restaurants, post office, everything underground right under the hotel and all around in the same building.
When we got to ther, many people were already sleeping sitting on the couch there, and so did I!
Then at 2pm, they let us in, an hour before, and so i could collapse on the bed for a couple of hours.

Finally, after having some rest we went exploring Tokyo!
First stop, cause was the closest one, was Shibuya.

It is like ou see in the movie or in anime.
I wanted to explore some shops, like forever 21.

But then I got lost inside the 109 building, where i found my first Liz Lisa Shop! \(*^^*)/

Since i've been really lucky and went to japan when the sales started i got an happy bag!
There were a 7000 Yen one and 5000 Yen one, thinking about it now, i should have got the 7 one...or both! But i just took the 5 one.

And also an Happy bag from Doll Kiss, a thighs shop.
I also found converse shoes i was looking for! without hank and pink, and the price was very cheap compared to Italy.
For dinner we went to a sushi bar there in Shibuya, and then back to the hotel to get ready for the day 2!

I'll do a post just for the Liz Lisa Happy Bag ;)

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