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Saturday, 27 July 2013

日本への旅 - 二日目 (Trip to Japan - day two )

On day two we woke up at 8am totally refreshed, and after an occidental breakfast at the hotel we went to Harajuku.
The weather was bad, it was raining alot, and wasn't so easy to find harajuku, but we entered a starbucks and the girls there give us directions.
So we finally reached it!

I was looking for Closet Child, the building was under restoration so it was almost all covered, it was just thanks to my sharp eye that i saw it.

After a first look i told to my Husband to just go for a walk and leave me there !
I trryed many things, some skirt, and finally i made my decision

I got an Angelic Pretty skirt black with white polkadot, a short sleeves brown blouse by BTSSB, and a JSK that i just LOVE, and is the only one i can show you at the moment, cause i don't have pic of other items and my home is not in condition for any pic.


On the way i also saw another Liz Lisa and i got inside to to take a look around i met a sales girl who was good at english and she asked me if i like Liz Lisa and when i told her that i LOVE Liz Lisa she was so happy and thankful XD
I also passed Bodyline and i decided to go back there another day to buy some shoes.
It was raining heavly and we where looking for a place to eat and met Baby the stars shine bright shop!
It was In a different street, away from bodyline and closet child that are in a street full of different kind of shops, very crowded and full of life and color.
BTSSB is on a big street, clean and elegant, there was a building with Milk at the first floor and BTSSB on the second.

I went to BTSSB but pics were not allowed inside, there i found the perfect lolita clerks.
She was so delicate and perfectionist while preparing my packages for the rain!
It was needed about 10 minutes.
And that is the result

And then she took us to the door and she said goodby with a curtsy.
I just bought a pair of otk socks in brown and a parasol/umbrella

After that we went to kiddyland the kawaii reign!
There is a whole floor dedicate to Sanrio.
In there we bought many presents and at that point we were full of bags and had to go back to the hotel.
For dinner time we went back to Harajuku in a street called Omote-Sando to Heiroku Sushi, where the old man and young guy who make sushi were so nice and fun and the sushi was so good we wanted to go back to eat there again!

And now more pics from Harajuku



  1. ...non riesco a dire altro che OMG OMG OMG ç_ç! XD
    Lucky you ;)!

    1. Un sogno che si realizza :)
      Ho dovuto sposarmi per riuscirci ahahahah XD