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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Belgioioso Vintage exhibition

Belgioioso castle often hosts very nice exhibition.
Like Belgioioso Fantasy.
This time the weather was different, but luckily not yet so cold!

The castle is always as beautiful as the first time

My friends and me decided to go dressed in lolita, we use every opportunity to dress up!
We gathered inside the castle and walked around watching some very beautiful and expensive pieces and some other useless and ugly stuff.

We were hoping for a fluke to get an awesome deal.

But in the end we didn't find anything it was worth enough to buy, but i wanted a souvenir anyway!

And we enjoyed the time together (especially at the pub !)


  1. che carina ** la gonna mi piace sempre un sacco vedertela addosso!

    1. Ciao!! :D
      Ma sai che non la indossavo dal teaparty? Mi sono detta fosse troppo uno spreco!

  2. mamma che carine <3
    sì, la gonna è veramente TROPPO bella! :D

  3. Grazie!^^ un po mi spiace nn aver preso la versione viola :O