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Friday, 28 March 2014

LBC: Historical Inspired Coordinates

First thing that come into my mind is Marie Antoniette.

She has been made, especially by the media, a great style icon.
I'm not talking about the history of course, we all know how it went (or we all should know!)
Many things has been said about her.
But who has not see the most recent movie Marie Antoniette?
And who can forget all the marvelous dresses?

Not to mention the fun scene with all the shoes and the converse

So i picked her as my inspiration for this week LBC theme

Marie Antoniette inspired Lolita Outfit
Mary Magdalene Elmelia OP
Mary Magdalene Eglantyne Parasol
Mary Magdalene Rose Garden Canotier (Hat)
Mary Magdalene Eglantine Doctors Bag
BTSSB Princess Pumps
Gothic Lolita Wigs Duchess Elodie Collection Blonde Mix
Tights Grimoire
Jewels from Etsy

The outfit is quite expensive, but i'm sure a queen can afford it!

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