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Friday, 11 April 2014

LBC: What's Next On Your Lolita Wishlist?

It is complicate to talk about my wish list, because my lolita wardrobe is still very small and my wish list is still quite long.
Even if there are dresses i haven't worn yet, because I'm waiting the right moment, because any of them is special for me and I don't want to waste an outfit that might be a good one.
Also being pregnant at the moment stops me to even watch sales 'cause it is a pain.

Bt the way, I want to show you my 2 dream dresses, i always look for them and soon or later i'll get them.


From left to right: theresia rose jsk IW and Fairy Chiffon Doll Dress Victorian Maiden.

My dream dresses are on my wish list but not exactly at the first places.
I'm saving money for the next Lucky Pack/Happy bag incoming (spring or summer?)
Not being very wealthy this is my opportunity to have a couple of brand new pieces and this time i wish to buy a medium lucky pack all by myself, i also asked to my husband to help me to buy one for my birthday that is in June.

And i hope around November/December to can fit into lolita clothes again ;)

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