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Monday, 9 July 2012

Affleck Palace

Looking to find some lolita clothes i asked mu friends, to take us to Affleck Palace in Manchester.
It is a, 3 and half floors, palace with open market of alternative shops, like a little Camden Town.
In there we found a small bar in 50's style.

I was really tempted to buy many things, but as usual my taste are too complicate.
But at least i got a Petticoat and a jeans.
The lolita shop didn't had anything SO good to make me really wanting it, and price were too high for what it had.

The palace is in the city center and is very easy to get ther with the bus (we drived from Leeds to Manchester, then we parked the car and got the bus to go to the center)

On the first floor there is a very cool shop to get everything is needed to craft jewels, bracelets, rings, necklaces.
Steampunk, kawaii, or whatever is the style you are looking for.
I should have the flyer somewhere, with the url for online shop.
I will post it when i find it.

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