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Thursday, 5 July 2012

House moving in 6 months (probably)

My Landlord is a …..ok i’m gonna censure myself…
We entered the flat on november the 1th past year.
The oven in the kitchen was broken. And we told him as he came to get the first paymant on December.
After few weeks the drawer got broken too and we found out it was rotten and kept together by pins.
After we told all this to the landlord, we asked if he could repair the drawers and get us a new oven, he said was going to change the whole kitchen, and we were happy about that.
That could have been january.
The in the next months he came few times to get measurement, showed us some kitchen, and keep delaying the affair.
Untill The end of April, after we complaint about the situation, then he told us the kitchen was arriving in May.
May passed, and the second week of June, he told us the kitchen was about to arrive, we were leaving for our vacation in a few days, so we got an appointment to assemble it on the first weekend of july.
Then yesterday he came with his uncle who is the real owner of the flat, to get measurement AGAIN.
And at a point the uncle said, there were no reason to change the whole kitchen, that was new, they could just fix the drawers and change the oven.
i was like ..WHAT THE FUCK??!
My bf was at job, when they left i called him on phone, he got upset as me, called back the landlord and argued with him.
Now we’ve decided to leave this flat, it doesnt worth the rent we pay, we can find a better one.
I’m afraid about packing all and move. It would be my 7 time.

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