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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Shaped rice for onigiri

Today i decided to prepare my tomorrow lunch.
And pushed by this desire i used for the first time the...thingies to make shaped rice.
I got them to the Japan Center, in London, close to Piccadilly Circus.

They even put the instruction, in Japanese obviously, and everybody knows i'm fluent in Japanese, aswell i'm a great chef so i don't need any instruction...

So, yeah it is quite easy, first of all you have to cook some rice.
At this point is up to you, you can cook Japanese rice and make onigiri or whatever, or just cook whatever rice you have as long as it sticky.
Then Let it to cool a bit.
At this point you can just use the shaped thingies as a spoon and get rice in it, like this

Press it down like this

And close the clover for a few, like one minute.

On the back the thingies got a spot made to push the rice out, and this is the result, enjoy!


  1. Replies
    1. Ahahah io non ho fatto gli onigiri era solo riso bollito :D senza niente.
      PiĆ¹ che buoni erano carini ^^
      li ho mangiati come accompagnamento :)