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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Poporoya, real Japanese food

It was some months we wanted to try this place, Poporoya.

It is a sushi bar, and it is famous because the chef is a true, certificate Japanes chef.
There is also, in front of the sushi bar, a sushi restaurant, but is only in the bar where you can eat food made by the real Poporoya.
As you enter, you find a little shop where to buy Japanese ingredients and such.
And the clerck who is (or i think so) his daughter, she takes your order, so you have to chose what to eat at the entrance, and as there is a free spot she makes you to sit.
The food arrives very fast, and is yummy!
There you can find also daifuku and dorayaki.
Too bad i ate too much and didn't had space left for the sweet.
It is forbidden to take pics inside, so this is the only shot i took before notice the forbidden sign.

After dinner, we decided to buy something from the shop so i went for what is needed to make onigiri, easy!

So soon i will post my onigiri ( not so soon) !!

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