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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Review: SIX TWO TWO Wig

With the last TaoBao order i also got this WIG from SIX TWO TWO shop.
I just saw that wig and fell in love for the color and the price was so good i had to buy it!

It is this sorta of pinkish brown with darker sweet.
I know i'm not pretty as the shop models but here my pics:

The wig came along with the hairnet hat, that was great cause i needed one. And it also shows how to use the hairnet

And here is my transformation

I gotta cut that fringe! AHAHAH!
The wig is soft, it can be washed and dry with the phone.
I like it alot yes!
Big 5 for it! XD
The shop got so many cute things, I want to buy again from it.
And now, a few more pics

Thanks for reading! :)

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