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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Review: Classical Puppets Petticoats, The 69th Department blouse and Surface Spell Blouse

You know that feeling when your order finally arrives?
Yeah that!

I did this order right after Christmas, it was payed with all the presents (in cash) i got from relatives, so you can guess it took alot for this order.
But this is because, I needed abouth a month to decide what to buy, because some things i wanted were sold out in the color i wanted, or there were not in my measure.
Then it arrived chinese new year eve.
and then, since i bought from different shops there was to wait for every single piece to arrive, then to pack it all together.
But the expedition itself was fast, about 2 weeks.

By opening it the first thin i saw was my new wig!

I'll write a special review just for it, another day, i didn't had time to try it properly (i'm too busy lately!)
I made an order for a basic lolita wardrobe, so i bought 2 long sleeves blouse, black and withe

The white one is from The 69th Department.
Simple cotton.
Size is L, even if, for this one, M would have been my measures i decided to get a bigger one to be "safe".
It fits me well, but i think M would work good too.
I like the shape is very girly.
And it got very cute button (sorry i don't have a detail).
Since it was exactly what i was expecting from a scale from 0 to 5 i give it a 5.

Black one is from Surface Spell.
Simple cotton, bigger ribbon and a cameo, i guess it is characteristic, because is the same one i got on the velvet jsk.
The measures were smaller then the 69th department one so i got an XL but it is too big, luckly this model can be thigten on the back, still i think shoulder are a bit too big.
The blouse itself is nice anyway.
So i give it a 5 too, cause wrong measures is always a risk when you buy online.

For a basic wardorbe i needed different shape petticoats, so i got a cupcake shaped one and another A line, but i black. Now i own 4 petticoats i think i'm gonna be okay for a bit ;)

I got them both from Classical Puppets.

The cupcake one is very fluffly! Love it!
It is soft and comfortable
big 5 for it!

A line one is lesser fluffy, and the material it is made of is different from the other one (but i knew) i like more the one i got from Hell Bunny.
But this one is the right length.
I give it a 4.

Thats all for now.
I also got, about a month ago, a blouse from Kidsyoyo i forgot to write about, and a skirt from Lady Sloth.
Oh my!
I'm so lazy but also very busy.
Beside job there are the Vampires Lives, and pen and paper rpg evening, and we were looking for a new home (and we found it!) and the wedding, and all the friends.etcetc.
Today i'm leaving for Itrill birthday, with Kat and Abigail, we going to Bologna and will be back tomorrow.
Have a nice weekend everybody!

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