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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Just Birthdance! (what?!)

It is time to post something about the great weekend i had with my loli friends.
I found odd to specify every time that they are my "lolita" friends, cause i guess a friend is a friend!
But we met thanks to lolita and we use to go out in lolita together so i guess....they are my loli friends (and i love them!)

That was like going to camping out, having a sleep-over party, a dance party, a birthday party, all together.
I felt lika i was teenager again!
No one of us is a teenager anymore though (Just for a little bit :P )
We had decorated plastic glass.

This pic belongs to Kat
And played to just dance, in 3 teams for almost the whole time, until we were so tired we crumbled to the ground!
The loli-team was very strong, but the guys had a better endurance and we failed in the end cause too tired (yeah it is because we were tired, i swear!)
Then we placed our tents....or well....just the sleeping-bags on the living room floor

This pic belongs to Itrill
We also have some videos...but those are just for our eyes! 

My outfit, very simple

Thanks to Kat and Debba for the bows <3

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