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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Uh! Sorry! XD

I know i've been away (does anybody really cares? :P ) for long.
And is not that i'm no more into lolita, because i'm in lolita even more then before!
Just I've been busy and lazy, yeah, that's the truth.
I'v been totally absorbed by Vampires game, since last live, when i introduced my new character, there are many things to do, and people to talk, between a live and the next one!
A pic of mine from last live, sadly is the only one i have.

As I said this months are full of birthdays, it was Kris one this weekend, in combo with the cartoomics show (where i did not take a single pic!) so we went there and then all together with boyfriends to Kris place.
Very fun day!

I know my hair are frightful, but i have an excuse for that! I've been out since morning, first we had lunch at my bf's parent place, then we went to the cartoomics, and it was freezing and it was snowning and my hair got wet .

Next weekend is Francy one. She lives in Bologna, so we are leaving Milano right after lunch, on Saturday and we will all sleep at her on the saturday night, like 10 of us on her floor ahahah, is going to be fun.
Hope to get more pics, expecially because we are gonna play just dance team VS team.

The weekend after this, there will be Belgioioso Fantasy, a fantasy fair and show to the Belgioioso castel, and i hope more pics incoming.
And then..and then....more events incoming and even my wedding!

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