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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

History of a Vampire - Background part 2

The company goes well, but is not the same for family relationship.
Elinor keeps hearing voices and having visions, and talk about that with the father.
It happens, sometimes, that Natalie Clark, the new wife, hear those conversation and is sure about Elinor madness, and tells to William to hospitalize the daughter.
There is a very great one close to them, in Philadelphya.
But William knows, Elinot words are true and so doesn't listen his wife whines.

When in 1909 Natalie gives born to a baby boy, it all goes wors, because she doesn't want Elinor to inharint anything of her father wealth.

The night of May the 16 1910, Elinor has an horrible nightmare, when she wake up crying, the visions keep going and she understand it is not a nightmare.
She tells to the father what she saw, the cave, the dirty children, the smell of gas, the explosion, the little body burning.
Natalie seps-in telling she probably just heard about the Monogah incident in West Virginia on December the 6th 1907 and just had a nightmare about that.

But the night after, the same nightmare came again, this time when she wakes up and goes to the window, she see the flame coming up from the close coal mine and men running there trying to extinguish it.
She did put on the nightown and ran out, crying, with the vision of the children burning and screaming in her mind.
But somebody stop her before she get too close and in danger, then she collapse to the ground.
She felt guilty for all those death, she knew, but did nothing.

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