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Monday, 11 February 2013

Miniatures and doll houses

This saturday we celebrated another birthday (and more will come!).
We started from her favorite japanese restaurant.
After that we went to the miniautres convention, i've never seen one before, it was all so cute! (and expensive lol)
An aunty of mine ha build her own doll house and i'm sure she would love that convention, but i wasn't able to buy anithing to her because she lives so far and i have no clue what she need at this moment for her ouse andi know she is very picky about it!
There some pics!

The evening we all went for a pasta party to the birthday girl home
And this was my outfit

My boots with me everywhere...i hope to be able to use heels soon with lolita, but not when i have to go walking around!


  1. Oh, I love miniatures! It is awesome how detailed they are at times.

    1. There were really beautiful pieces, things i would like to have in my own home^^
      But so expensive! A set of 6 mini crystal glasses costes more the the 6 i have in real life lol.
      Maybe one day, when i will be a sweet granny i will build my own doll house :D