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Friday, 8 February 2013

Hostory of a Vampire - Background part 3

When in 1912 William become ill, Natalie gets her chance to separate father and daughter.
Day after day his illness get worst, and in 1913 he is no longer able to understand what happens around him
This way Natalie manage to hospitalize Elinore in the famouse Philadelphia State Hospital at Byberry.

There, Elinor, was put in seclution for long time, to make her understand that what she saw and heard was not real.
That way she also learn to isolate the voices and the visions, like she could control the volume, but not all the time.
There she start to listen a voice, different from all the other, more clear, sometimes that voice singed to give her console, other time shows her vision of the outside, or told her tales of death.

When the father died she knew there were no chance to get out of there, and all this isolation, her father loss, and the absolute certainty she was going to die there, made her fall in a deep depression, then she tryes to commit suicide by cutting her veins.
But she was found in time by the guards and the nurses.
While she was laying on the bed in the infirmary, with no strenght and no willing to live...he came.
A deranged shadow.
Disjointend thoughts.
Rushed on her and was a turmoil of emotions and sensation flowing in her mind.
Immages, places, people and words that didn't belong to her.
In a vortex of chaos she found herself alone in the night, under the rain, far away from the hospital.

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